About the Artist

Cid was born and raised in a small fishing village on Terceira Island, Acores. She immigrated to Canada, Toronto when she was 13, lived there until 2020, when she moved to Madoc in eastern Ontario.


Cid is a self taught mixed media abstract and non-representational artist. She first picked up a paint brush in 2008 and has experimented with a variety of painting mediums, surfaces and styles.​


Cid founded Canada’s first creative arts charity for people living with cancer in 2010, (The Art for Cancer foundation), which she ran until 2020.


Cid has exhibited her work at a variety of venues over the past 10 years. Her art is held in private collections throughout North America and Europe.

 She is a member of The Art Tour Collective, The Belleville Art Association and the Federation of Canadian Artists.  

Artist Statement

I love the excitement of a blank canvas, which to me signifies a new journey into uncharted territory.

I first paint with self abandon and childlike playfulness guided by the heartfelt sounds of melodies that touch my soul.

As I continue to build up rich layers using my favorite tools and colors, my mark making and brush strokes become more deliberate and focused.

 I aim to strike a balance between telling you a story to transporting you to another world where you can experience your own story.